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Saint Rita of Cascia Patroness of Impossible Causes

LED FLAMELESS Devotional Prayer Candles are a safe option for burning extended hour flame candles in any environment for all ages.  The flickering flame looks like authentic candlelight and the timer allows for 6 hours of light repeated every 24 hours.

Saint Rita of Cascia Patroness of Impossible Causes (Born 1381 – 22 May 1457) Pope Leo XIII canonised Rita on 24 May 1900 and her feast day is celebrated on May 22. At her canonization ceremony she was bestowed the title of Patroness of Impossible Causes. In many countries Rita was is the patroness of abused wives and heartbroken women.

Saint Rita of Cascia (Margherita Lotti) was born in 1381 in the city of Roccaporena a small suburb of Cascia where various sites connected with her are the focus of pilgrimages. Her parents, Antonio and Amata Ferri Lotti, were known to be noble, charitable persons.

She was married at age twelve to a nobleman named Paolo Mancini. Her parents arranged her marriage, despite her repeated requests to be allowed to enter a convent of religious sisters. Her husband, Paolo Mancini, was known to be a rich, quick-tempered, immoral man, who had many enemies in the region of Cascia. She made efforts to convert her husband from his abusive behavior. Through humility, kindness, and patience, Saint Rita of Cascia her husband converted and renounced a family feud known at the time as La Vendetta. Rita eventually bore two sons, Giangiacomo (Giovanni) Antonio, and Paulo Maria. Upon the murder of her husband by another feuding family, she sought to dissuade her sons from revenge.m and brought them up in the faith.

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