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Saint Joseph the Worker

This LED Candle of St. Joseph The Worker includes a beautiful prayer on the back of the candle for St. Joseph's intercession. 

“It is necessary to live a spirituality that helps believers to sanctify themselves through their work, imitating St Joseph, who had to provide with his own hands for the daily needs of the Holy Family and whom, consequently, the Church holds up as Patron of workers.”-Pope Benedict XVI



Saint Joseph The Worker LED Candle includes a beautiful prayer for St. Joseph's intercession. Scripture describes Joseph as "a just man" and was chosen by God to be the foster-father of Jesus and spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint Joseph has two feast days on the liturgical calendar. March 19—celebrates the feast of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary. May 1celebrates the feast of St.Joseph, the Worker.

“Saint Joseph is a man of great spirit. He is great in faith, not because he speaks his own words, but above all because he listens to the words of the Living God. He listens in silence. And his heart ceaselessly perseveres in the readiness to accept the Truth contained in the word of the Living God,” -St. Pope John Paul II




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