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If you’re looking for high-quality, long-lasting religious candles for your home or place of worship, look no further than the Saints Collection. Based in Plano, TX, we ship nationwide. From votive candles to sconces, our line of products will lift your spirits. Each candle is made with care as a lasting reminder of hope and faith. 

Our Story

Why Shop at the Saints Collection?

At the Saints Collection, our candles are more than beautiful – they’re totally unique. All of our candles are LED and flameless. They can be used for extended periods of time without burning out or melting. They’re ideal for use in a hospital, bedroom, nursing home, or place of worship.

Despite being LED lights, our candles still flicker like real flames. They’re an excellent alternative to traditional religious candles. Plus, they can even be set on a 6-hour timer, automatically lighting up every evening or at a designated time. This creates a warm and comforting glow whenever you need it.

Our Mission

Our team at the Saints Collection strives to make enduring, premium candles fit for the religious figures they represent. We want to provide a lasting tribute to the saints and other spiritual heroes. Our modernized versions of traditional religious candles are ideal for any Catholic home, church, or space.

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